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Spring is here 💐

Indulge in our spring treats crafted for the good weather. Enjoy the sweetness of the season with every bite.


Warm and toasty cinnamon bites layered with fruit and cream cheese icing.

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  • Cinnabon who?

    These cinnamon rolls are melt in your mouth good. Try them warm with ice cream on the side or a glass of milk!

    – Jas S on

    Classic Roll 
  • Sooo good

    There is nothing better than was warm buttery mini roll with a cup of coffee to start your day . These are a must for any breakfast , brunch or just a snack ...

    – Lisa Sanchez on 

    Mini Rolls 
  • Delicious

    Not to sweet not to plain and dry.. This is a perfect blend of a sweet roll with just the right amount of pecan and carmel🥰

    – Tina on 

    Pecan Rolls 
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